F. Raymond Sickly (mister_sickly) wrote in butadream,
F. Raymond Sickly

Algebra of Emotions

I am F. Raymond Sickly.
I write a lot. Some "important" works, others "light." I have my share of unrealized ideas and side-stepped corners when it comes to completion of my projects. So none are widely available (two existing copies of my first text, no more).
Most of my writing centers around duplicity and uniqueness, consciousness, understanding our environment.
It all comes out in strange forms lately and my time is engulfed by it. It puts me in a place where I have to juggle all these things to keep them living; don't put the down for too long. There is always another corner to turn. And if you squint it all looks the same, all tastes like chicken, sounds good to me.

We are the sum total of our data, I told her, just as we are the sum total of our chemical impulses. --Don DeLillo, White Noise

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