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Friends are just a bunch of backstabbers. Wait...friends isn't even a real word to me anymore. I used to have so many "friends" or whatever you want to call them, but it seems that in the past year everyone has changed, and I know I have too, but I've remained my true self over the course of time. Everybody is doing stuff from drugs & drinking to making fun of another person just to make someone else happy and be considered their "friend." It's all a bunch of bullshit and I have come to the conclusion that I do not like having girls as friends because they only care about themselves and will lie to your face. One day they are hanging out with you and calling you every day and then when they find someone new who seems cooler because they get high everyday then you're totally forgotten because you don't do that. At first it hurts when you realize that you've been pushed to the side and no longer hold the status you used to, but then after a while you just become numb to the fact that you've been stabbed in the back..or ditched. Just thought I would get this off my chest.
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